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What do Magnets do ?

Magnotherapy enhances the body’s own ability to increase circulation to areas of injury.

Exposure to a negative magnetic field will help the body naturally to decrease the levels of toxins in the blood and increase oxygen level, thus reinforcing the body’s own defence mechanisms and promoting physical health.

Magnotherapy speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.



What are the benefits ?

Armadillo Magnets are south seeking, creating a negative magnetic field.

Some of the benefits are :

Enhances the ability of the body to remove toxins.

Improves circulation.

Increases cellular oxygen.

Reduces fluid retention.

Fights infection - enhances lymph flow.

Supports biological healing.


When should I use Magnets ?

When acute stages of an injury have subsided. (48-72 hours after injury occurred.)

After Injury - Can reduce healing time by one third.

Chronic conditions - Increases circulation, reduces inflammation alleviating symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism.


 When should I NOT use Magnets ?

On open wounds.

During heavy exercise or competition. Circulation naturally increases during exercises. If magnets are applied, the circulation increases further. Any accidental cut could result in severe bleeding.

During Pregnancy or near pacemakers.


 How long should my dog use the Magnets ?

Any magnet worn for therapy should not be used all the time.

The body has an incredible ability to adapt to external conditions. Like acclimatising to heat or cold, the body becomes immune to Magnets if worn for too long. The effects of magnets are felt in the first few hours, but after a period of time, the body re-adjusts and the magnets will have little effect.  

Dog Collars have slightly smaller magnets so these products should be worn either at night or during the day.  The magnetic dog bed will provide treatment without inconvenience.


 Why use Armadillo Magnets ?

Flexible & Comfortable

Armadillo Magnets are rubberised, making them extremely flexible and comfortable. Armadillo Magnets are within the medically researched strength.


Unlike many other magnets used in magnotherapy, Armadillo Magnets can be washed without any risk of rusting.

Deep Penetrating

Armadillo Magnets have been designed to provide the maximum contact surface area against the body. The larger the surface area of magnet exposed to the body, the deeper the penetration of the magnet's flux. A small magnet, however strong, cannot penetrate far enough into the tissues to heal.


Why use Unipolar South seeking Magnets ?

All magnets have two opposing poles. In a naturally occurring magnet, these poles are on opposite sides of the magnet as far away from each other as possible. These are called Uni-polar Magnets because when used in therapy, only one pole can act on the body at one time.

Some magnets have been manufactured with both poles on both sides of the magnet. These Bipolar magnets have a very strong Magnetic Flux but only at the surface and are therefore used in industry to secure pieces of steel. However, if used for therapy, Bipolar magnets expose the body to both poles at one time with possible adverse side-effects.

The South Seeking Pole has many beneficial effects like increasing circulation, reducing pain and inflammation, whilst the North Seeking Pole will decrease circulation, promote bacterial growth and in some laboratory tests it has been seen to accelerate the growth of cancer cells.

Armadillo ONLY use Unipolar, South Seeking Magnets.




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